Instead of coming to us, we’re coming directly to you!

The 5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals will be held as an entirely virtual meeting. The online platform will be an effective communication channel, with an impact reaching far beyond the conference.

The virtual meeting takes place 7-9 June 2021. The conference will continue to provide the real-life opportunities to network, learn and engage that participants have come to know, value and expect. Join the experts in a highly interactive environment featuring video-streaming presentations with live Q&A, on-demand sessions, interactive booths on the exhibition floor, an engaging poster hall, and more.

The international conference series on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals started in 2005 as an initiative independent from commercial companies, official organisations or authorities. The objectives of the initiative are:

  • to give an overview of the ongoing activities with respect to the issue of antibiotic use in animals and antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans
  • to learn about the expectations of different parties involved
  • to focus on sustainable solutions for disease prevention
  • to identify the areas which need further research and action with respect to the current scientific knowledge and political expectations.
During the years, the conference series has strengthened its position as an important meeting point for the animal health industry and the medical community; all users of antibiotics in animals, such as veterinarians, animal feed producers, livestock and aquaculture producers, and nutritionists; food processors and manufacturers, and retailers; policy makers and regulatory agencies; researchers in universities and research institutes; and others with an interest in resistance and in the sustainability of antibiotics, such Antibiotics are used worldwide both in veterinary and human medicine.

Key themes of the 5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals include:
  • integration of animal, human and environmental health
  • present and future approaches at global and national levels
  • engagement of stakeholders
  • innovations in disease prevention and detection, including gut health, alternatives to antibiotics, rapid diagnostics, etc.
  • new areas to explore towards sustainable solutions.
The Advisory Board members of the 5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals are looking forward to meeting you again!